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Shuttle enables pre-qualification of partners

Shuttle’s Partner Sign service just got better. Our Dev team have just finished integration into their favourite API, the Companies House API.

The Companies House API is really fabulous. It allows developers access to thousands of lines of  publicly available information about Limited Companies in the UK. Ever wanted to know the ownership structure of the Beatles – I promise you it’s complicated!

Partner Sign gives you the power to sign up potential partners 100% digitally according to to your mandate. No more paper forms! An increasing number of our clients have to KYC their partners (or intermediaries, introducers, brokers, agents according to which industry you are in) before they can refer business. With Shuttle you set your KYC requirements, ask the partner to send in whatever forms you need and complete the application with a digital signature. Your partners then automatically have their account set up to refer business.

Partner Sign with Companies House even more powerful – you can now pre-qualify potential partners and understand a little more ‘whats under the bonnet’. Need extra information if a partner has overseas ownership? Want to collect information from all directors? Its all available to you.

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