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October KPIs Update –

KPIs are particularly important for Shuttle’s clients. Shuttle enables Multiparty transactions.  Multiparty means complexity.  Examples are clients that have Introducers originating applications or have different KYC requirements if an SME application has multiple directors or overseas ownership. Complex onboarding cases are often done manually and are not the sort of accounts where you walk into a bank and pick up your cheque book there and then. So for Shuttle, most of our clients come to us with underwhelming KPIs.

Talk to most founders in the SaaS industry and gaining positive KPIs for our clients is what keeps us awake at night – it is what drives our client churn rate and ability to up-sell.  And thus our exit value.

The Shuttle team has just completed our October KPI review sessions with our key clients. It’s been a great month comparing Oct with Q1. To pick some highlights:

Conversion rates – up 13%
Speed in receiving signed contracts and documents – up 30%
Reduction in overheads for each onboard – down 70%

and since  Q1 Shuttle has onboarded customers from 34 different countries!


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