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A New Innovation For The Introduced Business Channel

Shuttle, the online onboarding and document management solution is pleased to announce the commercial launch of their Introducer Portal, the first of its kind in the business banking arena.  Shuttle Introducer is the first platform specifically designed to provide a secure online vault for multi-party transactions to manage personally identifiable information (PII) and commercially sensitive data for the introduced business channel.

Introduced channels drive more than 60% of new business in the business financial services space.  For example, the sharing or ‘gig’ economy, self-employment and start-up initiatives are driving increased demand for small business banking services. To meet this burgeoning demand, company formation agents and accountants are increasingly advising on and setting up business bank accounts for their SME customers.

Shuttle Introducer transforms how information is captured, managed and shared in the introduced business channel.

  • Financial services institutions appoint approved introducers who are authorised to originate applications using bespoke digital forms and templates
  • Applicants complete forms and upload supporting documentation through omnichannel access point
  • All documentation and communication are time-marked and stored in a single repository providing a full audit trail
  • Providers, introducers and applicants can interact in real-time to progress business through the native Shuttle Message application
  • The applicant’s personal information (PII) is protected and controlled by them through their unique access portal in accordance within GDPR guidelines

Meeting an Under-served Need

David Williams, CEO Shuttle said ‘We are excited to launch the Shuttle Introducer Portal to banks and other financial institutions.  Upcoming changes in data protection rules has highlighted that the introduced business channel is under-served with affordable technology. Shuttle enables institutions to grow existing SME business and open new channels by providing collaborative technology to their introducer community.

The company, formed in 2015 has recently closed their second investment round and has offices in both London and Sofia. Shuttle has been accelerated by the NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark programme and are members of the Barclays RISE community.

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