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Welcome to inaugural post on the 153rd millionth blog in the info-verse.

No,really. A quick google enquiry reveals that there are approximately 152,000,000 blogs for you to catch up with, each one telling stories of struggles, crusades, missions and journeys.  Along with those that talk about lifestyle choices, sports fandom and every conceivable facet of culture, there is absolutely no reason to want for reading material whether its life affirming, inspirational or just plain funny.

So why are we bothering?  If you’ve clicked to read this, you literally had millions of other options but you came here because you want to know more about us. Who are we? What are we for? What are we like?   We’re guessing here, but we think that it comes down to curiosity.

For all of our professional evaluation and buying criteria, we really just want to know who we’re working with. We talk a lot about alignment and synergy but in truth, we want to work with people like us, people with decent values and intention, people who deliver and do the things they say they’re going to do.

Blogs have a candid, off-the-cuff nature that belies the planning and strategy that goes on behind many of them. Whether it’s a content plan or a posting schedule or carefully placed SEO-boosters you can bet your bottom dollar, someone somewhere is staring hopefully at Google Analytics to see how their latest masterpiece is doing.

So why should we be different?  Well, we’re not.

We’ve resolved to post our view of the world once a week, every week. Between us we’ve worked out the things we want to talk about and roughly, when we want to talk about it. All we have to do is make sure that we include the ‘we’. Easy, eh?  We’ll see.

And boy do we have some rich pickings for subject matter. Having spent 18 months or so going through the start-up eco-system, we’ve seen some sights. Working in the financial services industry has its challenges and we’re pretty sporty folk too, so we’ve always got something to comment on.

So there you are.  Just under four hundred words of ‘hello’. Welcome to Shuttle and our view of our world. We’d love your involvement and comments, please do find us on Twitter or email us.

See you next week

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