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We read lots of blogs because they’re something of a window, almost a way to see the human side of a business. Or at least that’s what you want to see, but the story is usually ideal and has some kind of message or positive ‘yay us’ outcome which is lovely actually, after all who wants to read misery, right?

Of course, living in start-up and early-stage world there’s always something to write about.  Whether you’re closing your first deals, winning investment or fending off competition, you’re learning new stuff every day and you’re gathering stories of derring-do, heroics and disasters.

But then, there are days like this.

Days when the bills get paid, receipts get logged in Xero and the VAT Return is completed; sales leads are turned in to opportunities in the CRM and the hundreds of to-do lists are consolidated in to one. Days when the glamour (!) of startupville fades into the same grey of the clouds above and you’re just in the grind of everyday, humdrum maintenance.

Sounds miserable eh?  Far from it actually.  It’s days like this when you realise how far you’ve come. You’re paying VAT, not reclaiming.  Petrol chits remind you of those super-energised customer meetings. The pile of receipts is never-ending and you see the one from PC-World, for the laptop you bought for employee number three. Then four. Days like this.

Doing the housekeeping is a time of reflection, a chance to slow down, take stock and measure stuff you wouldn’t normally measure.  Every day we look at the cash balance, the pipeline, the click rates on the email campaign, the agile development board and everything else that can be scrutinised, measured and optimised. But when you take the time to clean house, to fill the printer up with paper, to tidy the stationary cupboard (actually, we bought a new one this weekend and spent the morning assembling it!) and clear the desk you get to feel like a grown up business. Like you’re getting somewhere.

So now we’re recovered from the week that was and now we’re all mapped out for the week ahead. Gatwick, London, York and Norwich beckon with stop-offs in Doncaster, Kings Lynn and a small town in Essex, more customers more petrol chits and a couple of nights in ‘economical’ hotels.

So, days like this?  No bad thing…..

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