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Why Why Why, Delilah…

Customer experience, that’s why.

Have you seen the much-circulated Ted-talk by Simon Sinek about ‘getting to why’?  If yes, great. Read on.  If not, go experience it here, because without seeing it, this won’t make much sense and we wouldn’t do it justice if we tried to explain it.

It may have escaped your notice, we’ve built and launched our new website, nay our first commercial, end to end website. Which makes this a great time to start looking more at the reasons we’re doing this, our ‘why’ if you will.

Customer experience, our driving passion.

We’re mad about customer experience.  Mad passionate and absolutely driven to make things better and we’re doing that through the catalyst of technology. But as important as the specifications are of  tech, it’s just the conduit through which we’re changing the world. But it didn’t start out that way.  It started with an anger about how The Founders identity was stolen and the carnage that ensued.

It’s only over time and with two years of striving to find a solution that we’re become soldiers on the frontline of treating customers fairly. Not just in financial services, but anywhere where personal, vulnerable information is exchanged in the pursuit of business.

It’s worth bearing in mind that it was as long ago as the mid-sixties that BBC’s Tomorrows World imagined a paperless world yet within the last six months, we’ve stared at fax machines, paper application forms and good old mailroom ‘Received’ date-stamps.  Just let that percolate for a moment, in 2017 when cars drive themselves and the Gates Foundation has virtually wiped out Polio, people are still using faxes.

It’s not paper vs paperless either…

This isn’t a paper vs paperless issue, it’s a test of how much a corporation really values you as a customer. This is about how much providers are prepared to invest in your experience and how much they really value your time!

Finally, we’ll wrap up with one of our ‘Five Pillars’ of the perfect customer onboarding experience. As a business, do you personalise everything? And we don’t mean with your customer’s name, we mean with YOUR name, YOUR picture?  Do your customers know who they’re working with beyond your logo and a call centre? Or do you send them a note from ‘The Team at…’. Food for thought, perhaps.

But seriously, go watch that video, it’s ace.

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