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For two years now, Shuttle has been firmly labelled as a ‘fintech’ business.  This seems reasonable when you consider that our primary area of business is banks and the wider financial services community.  But does it really represent what we do? We think there’s a key word missing; access.

The simple answer is no, not really.

Sure, we are a technology company and we do work in the financial services sector, but we don’t do anything with money. We’re not regulated by the FCA or the PRA, we don’t give any advice an we don’t sell financial products on behalf of ourselves or anyone else.

What do do though is provide access to all of these services. Regardless of location, device or time of day, we put our customers products in their customers hands. In real time.

So, welcome to access-tech…

Well we provide access, so if the cap fits, we’ll wear it. Welcome to ‘access-tech’.

And this is important in this changing world.  Just two weeks ago, The Economist ran three editorials on the problems facing towns and cities ‘left behind’ when industry moves on.  Declining workforces mean higher unemployment and less money in circulation in a defined geography.

American banks are closing physical stores at an alarming rate across the states; that could be ok if there were too many to start with.  However, that’s not the truth.  Fact is, they can’t afford to stay in some towns and cities, leaving those areas unable to access essential banking services.

The Economist also talks about how tech can go some way to saving the day.  Well, that’s partially where Shuttle comes in.

Shuttle provides a secure portal for application and onboarding processes to take place before banking services can be provided. We provide access TO access. See how that works?

So, there you have it, a three-hundred-word introduction to a whole new market definition. Access tech.

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