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A Pound in the Swear Box

 When we were searching for our first round of seed investment we did the predictable time-service that is research.  As we steadily worked our way through every incubator, every accelerator and every other early growth opportunity (not to mention the so-called hackathons and such), so we also looked at the organisations that have benefited in the past and are now on to bigger and better things.  You know, to get a feel for the success story.

We came across some really interesting things, some really ‘homely’ ideas like borrowing other peoples’ dogs and swapping ideas for kids days out. Then there are the comparison aggregators, the game-sites and every conceivable social media platform.  And then again, are the productivity apps, one of which really caught our eye but not for the reasons you might think.

Yep the UI was great, in the same way the UI for lots of things is great, and the use case, seems pretty nailed on but neither of those things, or the snappy orange and black colour scheme was the thing that really stood out.  It was actually the use of a near-as-nevermind naughty word. In fact, it was the absolute use of a naughty word but with a single ‘i’ exchanged for an exclamation mark.  Imagine if you will, “Get Stuff Done” but not with the word ‘stuff’.  With a naughty word.

When we first saw it, it jarred. That’s because here in mainstream business world, someone had crossed a line.  Sure, in uber-cool environs, they’ve been effing and jeffing for years, but seeing it in our world, well that’s just not cricket. Or is it?

Somehow these pioneers have become comfortable enough to use the language they want to, when they want to.  Maybe they think that there’s enough of a market out there in their own age/culture space, maybe they think they can break down stuffy old barriers; either way you have to doff your cap to their chutzpah.

It’s true, The Founder is a keen proponent of the Getting Things Done movement and maybe sometimes may use a blue word or two, but would we put it up on the strap-line?

We’re not quite there yet and if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to get shit done.

Oops, where’s the swear box?

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