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Why Shuttle?

Today’s digitally immersed customers expect things to happen quickly and easily. Customers and companies are becoming increasingly frustrated by paper-based processes

Shuttle is a secure cloud-based platform offering document management, e-signature and customer management.

Accelerate your onboarding process, and turn it into a real-time collaboration between everyone involved in the onboarding process

Shuttle takes your services right into the palm of your customer’s hand which means they can do everything you need when it suits them.  And it won’t just be your customers who benefit. You’ll be saying goodbye to over-filled email inboxes, snail-mail and for some our clients, couriers!s 

You’ll also avoid the ever-increasing security risks associated with an email-based approach.

And, because Shuttle is competitively priced, it’s a modest but powerful investment.

So, move ahead and take your customers with you. Today. 


Onboarding for all! Join the digital revolution.

Are you still asking your customers to fill out paper forms?  Or email you with their personal documents? STOP! Our onboarding platform will make it quicker, safer and much more efficient to welcome your new customers.

Great Experience for Happy Customers

Your customers can access their forms, upload their documents and manage the process from any device, from PCs to Tablets, Laptops, and Mobiles. Wherever they are in the world, whatever time they’re awake.  Shuttle is always available.

Build Your Business with Referrers

Do you have an introducer network?  Brokers? Partners? Great News! Shuttle helps you build a referral network with our unique Partner Portal where customers are referred and managed and information like status and commission status can be shared.

Know Your Customer, In Real-Time

That’s right.  Shuttle integrates to AML/KYC providers to help you gather essential ID verification, watchlist data and credit scoring. This saves lots of time for companies carrying out these key processes.

Quicker, Safer, Better. Bank-grade security.

Cybersecurity is in the news at the moment which affects everyday people, including your customers.  Shuttle keeps your customers safe from digital harm which makes them trust you more. 

Compliance Matters. Don’t get caught out.

Recent massive fines for GDPR related breaches have increased the need for greater care in collecting and managing data. Shuttle is designed to ease this problem by keeping everything in one secure portal.

Who Uses Shuttle?

Deploying Shuttle is easy. Implementation is speedy and smooth; it’s user-friendly; cloud-based and you’ll get up and running in minutes:

• Pricing is based on a usage monthly subscription making Shuttle is affordable for every profile of business
• White labeling will give your own “on brand” experience
• And by integrating seamlessly with all market-leading CRM tools we add an improved collaboration experience and support your journey to a truly paper-free, email-less environment

With proven bank-grade security, you can safely move key sensitive documentation between all parties involved in getting the business done
• All communications are time stamped and stored safely in one place to provide accurate audit trail reporting

If you work with sales channels and third parties, Shuttle is the best way to bring everything together. Your third-party partners have their own dedicated access portal where they introduce and manage new customers.
Your key business introducers, agents and partners, whether internal or external benefit from the secure, easy to use solution that helps you win and close more business.

Shuttle isn’t just a technical solution, it’s the first impression you create with your customers adding the human touch to communication and getting the deal done quicker. It uses smart, simple workflow with no need for new infrastructure or support. But best of all it reduces costs by eliminating paper processes and unsafe emails, increasing productivity and maximising conversions.

Reduce account opening costs by 70%
Speed up account opening by 50%

What Our Clients Say

I can't imagine going back to email based business customer boarding processes now. Since using Shuttle, our SME client boardings have been so much easier- I can see client statuses at a glance on the dashboards, there’s a message centre to chase them if they're late and we've even reduced time per client set up by 70%. I love it, my team loves it, but even more importantly our clients love it. I think everyone would recommend Shuttle to those working with form based KYC applications.

Claire Taylor
CEO & Founder Simply VAT

With Shuttle, clients can register, sign our T&Cs and provide all the project info we need through our website. We wouldn't be able to scale if we processed everything manually. Our introducers can also refer detailed projects and see their commissions.

Dom Coles
CEO Trademark Brothers

Cutpay uses Shuttle's Partner Portal to sign up our reseller partners who can then refer business. Without the cost savings of getting instant KYC information from Shuttle, we won't be able to be the most competitively priced provider of SME merchant services in the market.

Lak Deol
Head of Partnerships Cutpay

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