Open new partner channels to market today

Shuttle Partner Portal Benefits

Digital/Electronic Signatures

Shuttle signatures are built and maintained to industry standards. Ease your transition from 'wet' sigs to digital now!


Keep your partner onboarding team informed with alerts and notifications that you specify.  As well keep all communication safe with our native messenger.

What People Are Saying About Shuttle

"I can't imagine going back to email based business customer onboarding processes now. Since using Shuttle, our SME client onboardings have been so much easier- I can see client statuses at a glance on the dashboards, there’s a message centre to chase them if they're late and we've even reduced time per client set up by 70%. I love it, my team loves it, but even more importantly our clients love it. I think everyone would recommend Shuttle to those who want an Onboarding CRM"

Claire Taylor 

CEO Simply VAT



Your Own Partner Portal

Do you work with Partners? Introducers, brokers, affiliates, intemediaries etc. There's a mountain of words that describe people and companies who's role is to introduce business.

The Shuttle Partner Portal provides the opportunity for these third parties to engage with you and become partners to your business under the terms and criteria you mandate. Think of it as your Partner CRM.


Self Serve Partner Management

When partners sign up, Shuttle verifies and validates their suitability. Grow your partner channel with minimal expense.

Refer or Manage Options

Shuttle allows a range of engagement models depending on the relationships your partners have with the customers.


Your Documents

Build and maintain your forms in our secure library. Update and evolve as you need to with our easy to use builder.


Branded Partner Page

Your landing page simply sits in your website, branded in your colours, logos and fonts, making it friction free for your partner channel.